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Studies on Preparation and Characterization of Na2O-CaO-P2O5-ZrO2 Bioglass-ceramics
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M.R. Majhi, Ram Pyare and S.P.Singh
Corrosion, Glass, Bioactive glasses, Calcium pyrophosphate, Compressive strength
Bioglass-ceramics of compositions 45P2O5.24CaO. (31-X)Na2O.XZrO2, where(X= 0-3 mole %) were prepared. The DTA analysis results showed the nucleation and crystallization temperature, which increased with increasing ZrO2 in the place of Na2O in the glass composition. The identification of crystalline phases in Na2O-CaO-P2O5 - ZrO2 bioglass-ceramics were detected as calcium phosphate (β-Ca (PO3)2 ), sodium pyrophosphate (Na4P2O7), calcium pyrophosphate (β -Ca2P2O7 ) 2) ,NaPO3 (Sodium meta phosphate ), Na4Ca(PO4)6 (Sodium calcium metaphosphate) and sodium zirconium phosphate (Na5Zr(PO4)3) by X-ray diffraction analysis. The main phase was identifying as calcium pyrophosphate (β -Ca2P2O7 ), which is known for its bioactivity. The bioactivity of the prepared glass and their ceramic derivatives were done by measurement of the reflection spectra for the samples after immersing in the simulated body fluid (SBF) for different period at 37.8OC .The result revealed that no apatite layer was formed on the surface of the samples and the predominant phase remained on the surface was β-Ca2P2O7 which is well known for its bioactivity. pH measurement of SBF for different periods is showed that chemical durability of glasses and their glass ceramic derivative increases with increasing ZrO2 content. The dimension of the crystal sizes decreases gradually with increasing the ZrO2 content after SEM analysis.
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