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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
The Role of Research and Development in Industry and Commerce
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Precious Sibiya
The world technologies are fast transforming as we sleep by night. What is it that these emerging industrial nations are doing to up their market standards and quality of life? The secret is sound and effective research which leads to development. This paper seeks to provoke the minds of the readers regardless of which sector of the industry and commerce they belong, to think and act differently towards their undertaking. Every sector of the industry requires some spice of innovation which results from continuous research. What is it that the Japanese did to come up with brands like YAMAHA, TOYOTA, FIJISTSU, et cetera. It is possible to have strategies of Research and Development which are supported by sound Intellectual Property Protection Policies and Government funded. Africa entered this millennium with renewed commitment to banish poverty, increase economic productivity, improve political and economic governance, achieve sustainable development and integrate itself into the global knowledge economy.
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