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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Performance Analysis Of Data Mining Techniques For Placement Chance Prediction
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V.Ramesh, P.Parkavi, P.Yasodha
Data Mining, Classification, Decision Tree Algorithm, placement Prediction
Predicting the performance of a student is a great concern to the higher education managements. The scope of this paper is to investigate the accuracy of data mining techniques in such an environment. The first step of the study is to gather student's data. We collected records of 300 Under Graduate students of computer science course, from a private Educational Institution. The second step is to clean the data and choose the relevant attributes. In the third step, NaiveBayesSimple, MultiLayerPerception, SMO, J48, REPTree algorithms were constructed and their performances were evaluated. The study revealed that the MultiLayerPerception is more accurate than the other algorithms. This work will help the institute to accurately predict the performance of the students.
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