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Virtual Power Plants
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Sherry Carr, Mr. Cooper
America’s Energy Freedom, Combatting Global Warming, Cultivating Natural Resources, Gas and Oil Dependency, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Energy, Virtual Power Plants
America is too dependent upon foreign energy sources, but it has the capabilities to free itself, while saving money and preserving the environment. This paper questions the advantages of Virtual Power Plants and the need for renewable energy sources. Virtual Power Plants (VPP, hereinafter) are collective generators of renewable energy sources that can store and adjust energy output on demand and at will. VPP's can be employed to co-generate with current grids or operate soley to produce reliable, efficient, cost-effective energy while reducing costs and global warming (Encorp, 2011). My hypothesis suggests that VPP's can create substantial and sustainable energy from renewables,as it helps to reverse the destruction of our planet and ourselves. We can create and sustain a cleaner, safer, more efficient world by implementing and advancing VPP's to meet and possibly exceed our energy needs.
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