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Suitability of Maintenance Practice through Fuzzy Logic Based Simulation Model
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Malay Niraj, Praveen Kumar
Research and Development, Industry and Commerce
The present study is a new approach for finding the suitable maintenance practice with the help of fuzzy logic rule base system. It is a decision making tool which depends upon various condition of a machine .The success of any industry depend on its optimum manufacturing cost of product and for achieving the above said factor the maintenance practice should be efficient and effective .Fuzzy base maintenance system (FBMS) has been considered for study because of the fact that fuzzy logic technique is best suited for dynamic environment where decisions are required to be taken on the basis of multi variable parameters. The study describes problem in maintenance arising due to absence of having clear criteria and strong decision constrain how to maintain failing equipment. This study mainly focused on the modeling of a "Fuzzy Based Simulation" for finding the suitability of maintenance methods considering downtime &frequency as a parameter.
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