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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Design and Implementation of English Language Tutorial System with Intelligent Feedback System
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Meeta Dewangan, K J Satao
Components, Dictionary, learn phase, model edition, modules, pronounciations, Technology, test phase, Tutorial system, visual basic 6.0
This paper presents the design and implementation of English language Tutorial system, which supports students at home learning the English language. We concentrate on implementation of different modules of this system such as the learn phase, test phase, dictionary, pronunciation section which is devoted to generate, in a cognitively transparent way, the right tense for the verb appearing in the exercises presented to the student. A model edition of English language Tutorial system has been fully implemented with the help of visual basic 6.0 as front end, ms access and flash files as back end.English language tutorial system essentially classify into three level like primary level, middle level and high level. This paper depicts the components and technology used to design and implement of this system with intelligent feedback system which used to provide the response to user so as to helps to be aware of the knowledle intensity of user after interaction with this system.


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