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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Literary and Mystical Analysis and Adaptation of Abolghasem Joneyd and Abousaid Abolkheyr
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Dr. Ahmad Reza Keikhay Farzaneh
Abolghasem Joneyd, Abousaid Aabokheyr, mysticism, thoughts, awareness, abstinence.
Mysticism is somehow get away from the external world and get into the inner world. In fact, it is a view against human's inner conflicts with his inner innovations which offer creative solutions for saving humans. On this basis, people who eagerly seek the truth bring to the mystic's worlds and use the mystic's and teacher's thoughts who reached to the perfection themselves. But when this truth seeker enter this world of conduction, is encountered with different thoughts which are sometimes contradict each other. Given these differences and thoughts, this research is going to consider, evaluate and adapt amongst mystics, the thoughts and of Joneyd who was of consciousness and Abousaid Abulkheir who was of abstinence, in discussions such as mysticism, tradition, conduction and monotheism and other issues which are related to mysticism, and show that these two thinkers have no discrepancy regarding this issue and other mystical issues, and their differences are just superficial which caused the doubt and misgiving about these two mystic's thoughts. Research methodology is performed by laboratory and exploratory.
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