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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Native Language Website using Interlingua Technique
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Vineet Kumar Srivastava, Mohammad Tamsir
E-commerece, Interlingua translation, Innovative components
Now a days translation is present as a software in the web, but the language which is presented in the websites is in English which are mostly used by people who know English but creates problems for those people who don't know English but know their respective native languages. Our task is to provide effective communication with the all type of customers which increases the understandability of the goods or products displayed in web-site as well as increase in sales, which results in the increase of business which is the key factor for the success of any e-commerce system . In this work we have explained our devlpoed database which is useful for websites so that people who know their respective languages, can easily access websites without other language difficulty.
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