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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Stable Path Routing Protocol based on Power Awareness
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Dr. P. K. Suri, Dr. M.K. Soni, Parul Tomar
Battery life, MANET, Path stability, QoS, SPR.
Mobile Adhoc Network consists of a large number of mobile nodes that communicate with each other in the absence of any fixed infrastructure. In such an environment each node must work as router to forward the data packets in the network. The principle characteristics of ad hoc network are the dynamic topology and the limited energy of mobile nodes. Nodes in the network are dependent on limited battery power for their operations. One of the major issue in providing QoS in these network. QoS service cannot be guarentted without managing the link failures. One of the reasons for link failure is discharge of battery. Link failure causes packet drop and reinitailization of route finding process which leads to lot of bandwidth consumption, decrese in throughput and increase in delay. Here, in this paper we are proposing a new approach for minimizing the link failure. The basic idea behind the proposed work is to find more stable path from source to destination in terms of remainig life time of battery.
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