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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
On the Development of a Cluster-Based Co-operative Network with Directional Antennas at Trans-Receivers Using Connected Dominating Set in WANET
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Sitanshu kar
ad hoc, cluster, connected dominating set,co-operative network, directional system, sensor technology & networks, transmission energy.
The sensors can be grouped into clusters and the mini sensors use a high energy to communicate with each other. Every cluster is equipped with a source node which acts as the central gateway for that cluster. In this paper we treat the communication among the smart nodes in the ad hoc mode where we propose to minimize the energy conservation of the nodes by increasing the cooperativeness. Directional antenna doesn't overhear the nodes outside its own arc of coverage and allows simultaneous communication without interference. This additionally helps to reduce power depletion of nodes. First layer of the sensor networks is the infrastructure layer and there is no back-bone for these networks. In this paper, we propose a frame-work model for cluster based cooperative networks and we measure the network lifetime and survivability as the performance evaluation metrics of the proposed model.
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