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scirp IJSER >> Volume 2, Issue 8, August 2011
Overall resource effectiveness, cycle time reduction & capacity improvements
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E.K.Subramaniam, Dr.M.Sakthivel, K.Kanthavel, R.Krishnaraj, Deepan Marudachalam M.G, R.Palani
Cycle tine reduction, capacity improvement, resource utilization
The survival and growth of an organization depends on the utilization level of the available resources. All the resources like Ma n, Machine, Material are to be utilized to the level of industry standard. The tools available for effective utilization of resources are to be analyzed, understood and implemented based on the local conditions. All the tools may not be common for all the place. Understanding the constraint resources, their behavior and interrelations will give the power to improve them.
1 Overall Resource Effectiveness ,the key for cycle time reduction & Capacity Improvements- Dr.Oded Tal

2. Rapid Upper Limb Assessment -Mc Atamney Corelet(1993)

3. No Cost Applications for assembly cycle time reduction-Steve Brown, Joerg Momarchke and France Leible

4. ERP Implementation and Change Management- Nick Mutt(2010)

5. Successful Design for Assembly-Dr.Mike Shipulsky( 2007)

6. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly- Johnyater

7. An Introduction to Supply Chain Management- Ram Ganeshan &Terry P.Harrison

8. Supply Chain Management Cost Reduction- Dr.David M.Anderson,P.E.Fasme(2010)

9. Design for Manufacturability-Dr.David M.Anderson(2010)

10. Part Standardization-Dr.David M.AndersonP.E.CMC(2010)

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