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Processing of Images based on Segmentation Models for Extracting Textured component
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V M Viswanatha, Nagaraj B Patil, Dr. Sanjay Pande MB
Texture segmentation, clustering, spital segmentation, slicing, texture composition, boundry value image, median-cut.
The method for segmentation of color regions in images with textures in adjacent regions being different can be arranged in two steps namely color quantization and segmentation spatially. First, colors in the image are quantized to few representative classes that can be used to differentiate regions in the image. The image pixels are then replaced by labels assigned to each class of colors. This will form a class-map of the image. A mathematical criteria of aggregation and mean value is calculated. Applying the criterion to selected sized windows in the class-map results in the highlighted boundaries. Here high and low values correspond to possible boundaries and interiors of color texture regions. A region growing method is then used to segment the image.
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