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Error of Approximation in Case of Definite Integrals
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Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Satya Narayan Mahto, Dhananjay Sharan
Quadrature rule, Simpsons rule, Chebyshev polynomials, approximation, interpolation, error.
This paper proposes a method for computation of error of approximation involved in case of evaluation of integrals of single variable. The error associated with a quadrature rule provides information with a difference of approximation. In numerical integration, approximation of any function is done through polynomial of suitable degree but shows a difference in their integration integrated over some interval. Such difference is error of approximation. Sometime, it is difficult to evaluate the integral by analytical methods Numerical Integration or Numerical Quadrature can be an alternative approach to solve such problems. As in other numerical techniques, it often results in approximate solution. The Integration can be performed on a continuous function on set of data.
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