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Peripheral Interface Controller based the Display Unit of Remote Display System
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May Thwe Oo
Diode Matrix, Display Unit, Light Emitting Diode, Peripheral Interface Controller, Remote Display System.
This paper expresses about how to construct the peripheral interface controller (PIC) based the display unit of the remote display system. The remote display system can be used to display the token number that is to know the people. It is also intended for use in clinic, hospitals, bank, and etc. In this research, the peripheral interface controller based remote display system is used for displaying the number and the character. The remote display system consists of two portions: display unit and console unit. The display unit of remote display system contains the display controller, three seven-segment Light Emitting Diode (LEDs), Diode matrix, Category display LEDs and DSUB9 connector. The display controller is controlled by the microcontroller PIC16F873. It controls to display the token numbers. And then it can control at the diode matrix to display the three kinds of character such as A, B, and C. The three numbers of seven-segment LEDs will display the token number from one to 999. The diode matrix helps to display the category display LEDs. The category display LEDs will display one kind of characters. In the research work, the category display LEDs can be displayed only three kinds of characters. For the display unit, the DSUB9 connector applies the data that is from the console unit of the remote display system. In this research work, the display unit works as the receiver the console unit works as the transmitter in remote display system. This paper explains about the design, construction, testing and result of a remote display system.
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