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An Innovative Quality Of Service (Qos) Based Service Selection For Service Orchestration In Soa
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K.Vivekanandan, S.Neelavathi
"Service Oriented Architecture, Service Selection, Service orchestration, Meta-metrics, Modeled Flexibility, Rating, Multiple QOS level, local selection, global selection"
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) has become a new software development paradigm because it provides a flexible framework that can help reduce development cost and time. SOA promises loosely coupled interoperable and composable services. Service selection in business processes is the usage of techniques in selecting and providing quality of services (QOS) to consumers in a dynamic environment. Single business process model consists of multiple service invocations forming service orchestration. It represents multiple execution paths called modeled flexibility. In certain cases, modeled flexibility can cause conflicts in service selection optimization, making it impossible to simultaneously optimize all execution paths. This paper presents an innovative approach to service selection for service orchestration that addresses this type of conflicts by encompassing status identification based availability estimation with multiple QOS constraints along with an effective quality assessment model. This model captures the expectations from the users on the multiple quality of a service and returns ratings as a feedback on the service usage. This updated rating in the service list can be used by the new user. This proposed method provides optimal services to users consistently and efficiently thereby resulting in more meaningful and reliable selection of services for service orchestration in SOA.
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