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Development and Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Characterization of Doped Hydroxyapatite
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Promita Bhattacharjee, Howa Begam, Abhijit Chanda
Dopants, Fracture toughness, FTIR, Hydroxyapatite, Sintered structure, Vicker’s hardness, XRD.
In this study, we made an attempt to synthesize doped bioactive hydroxyapatite (HAp) ceramic powder using a simple Chemical method and studied its physical and mechanical properties. Different quantities (2wt% and 5 wt%) of Magnesium chloride Hexahydrate , Zinc oxide, Titanium oxide were incorporated as dopants into Hap at the time of synthesis. The synthesized powder samples were analyzed for their phases using X-ray diffraction technique, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. The synthesized powders were uniaxially compacted and then sintered at 1250°C for 1hr in air. Vicker's hardness testing was performed to determine the hardness of the sintered structures. Fracture toughness of sintered samples was calculated using Inverted Optical Microscope with Image Analysis software.
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