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Positive Impact of Mobility Speed on Performance of AODV at Increased Network Load
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Rajesh Deshmukh, Asha Ambhaikar
AODV, MANET, Mobility Speed, Routing, Overhead, Random Waypoint
This paper studies impact of changing mobility speed on the performance of a reactive routing protocol AODV with reference to varying network load. For experimental purposes, initially we observed the performance of AODV with increasing Network Load from 4 packets to 24 packets at the maximum mobility speed of 10 m/s. In another scenario we observed the performance of AODV with increasing Network Load from 4 packets to 24 packets at maximum mobility speed of 20 m/s. The performance of AODV is observed across Packet Delivery Ratio, Loss Packet Ratio and Routing overhead parameters. Our simulation results show that AODV is performing better with higher mobility speed at higher network load.
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