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Improvement of Power System Stability by Simultaneous AC-DC Power Transmission
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T.Vijay Muni, T.Vinoditha, D.Kumar Swamy
Extra high voltage (EHV) transmission, flexiable ac transmission system (FACTS), HVDC, MATLab, simultaneous ac-dc transmission, Power System Stability, Transmission Efficeincy
This paper presents the concept of simultaneous ac-dc power transmission.Long extra high voltage (EHV) ac lines cannot be loaded to their thermal limits due to this instability occurs in the power system.With the scheme proposed in this paper,it is possible to load these lines very close to their thermal limits.The conductors are allowed to carry usual ac along dc superimposed on it.The advantage of parallel ac-dc transmission for improvement of transient stability and dynamic stability and dampout oscillations have been established.Simulation study is carried out in MATLAB software package.The results shows the stability of power system when compared with only ac transmission.
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