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Marketing Of Asian Countries as Tourist Destination- Comparative Study of India and Malaysia
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Dr Reshma Nasreen, Nguyen Toan Thang
ASEAN, Eco-tourism, Heritage Sites, MICE, Ministry Of Tourism (India & Malaysia). World Travel.
Tourism has gradually grown over the years as a full fledged industry. Many countries are gaining from this welcome change. The contributions of this sector to the country's coffers are sizable for some countries, while some countries have a long way to go. This research paper attempts to study the reasons of lack of optimal contribution of this sector in India and also forays into strategies that can be adopted to capitalize on the patterns prevalent in tourist behavior. A country like India with a commendable historical significance and size has not been able to garner as much of tourist attention because of certain factors. India has a lot of offerings to whip the appetite of an avid tourist, but the varieties have either not been promoted, or if promoted lack of associated services have not led to desired synergies. After identifying the gaps between the two countries (India & Malaysia), the paper puts forth the tourists' patterns of behavior through the data collected. The questionnaire has been administered to tourists in New Delhi and Agra (cities in India). Malaysia on the other hand has had a steady stream of tourists trickling down and benefiting its economy.
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