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Text Independent Speaker Identification In a Distant Talking Multi-Microphone Environment Using Generalized Gaussian Mixture Model
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P. Soundarya Mala, Dr. V. Sailaja, Shuaib Akram
Generalized Gaussian model, EM Algorithm, and Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients
In speaker Identification System, the goal is to determine which one of the groups of an unknown voice which best matches with one of the input voices. The field of speaker identification has recently seen significant advancement, but improvements have tended on near field speech, ignoring the more realistic setting of far field instrumented speakers. In this paper, we use far field speech recorded with multi microphones for speaker identification. For this we develop the model for each speaker's speech. In developing the model, it is customary to consider that the voice of the individual speaker is characterized with Generalized Gaussian model. The model parameters are estimated using EM algorithm. Speaker identification is carried by maximizing the likelihood function of the individual speakers. The efficiency of the proposed model is studied through accuracy measure with experimentation of 25 speaker's database. This model performs much better than the existing earlier algorithms in Speaker Identification.
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