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Bus Proximity Indicator - (An Intelligent Bus Stop)
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Prof. A.P. Thakare, Mr. Vinod H. Yadav
Amplitude Shift Keying, Atmel’s AT89C52 Microcontroller, RF encoder/ decoder IC ST12CODEC, C51 Cross Compiler, Radio frequency transmitter, Timer astable multivibrator.
It is always a good idea that a bus commuter waiting at a stop gets to know how far a bus is. If his route of travel happens to be common for more than one bus- route number, it is even better for him to know which is the nearest bus or the earliest arriving bus. This will enable him to opt for the bus or some other mode of commuting. This becomes very useful for the physically challenged commuter, as after knowing in advance the bus arrival s/he will be ready to accommodate in the bus. A thought of project "Bus Proximity Indicator" is the best solution for the above situation and is best suitable for the B.E.S.T. (The Brihanmumbai Electric Supply & Transport) In this a wireless RF linkage between a certain bus and a bus stop can be used for determination of the bus proximity that help's commuter to know how far his bus is. This project tells him the Bus number, bus name and the approaching time by displaying it on the LCD which is on the bus stop. This project also satisfies the need of automization in bus services.
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