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A novel comprehensive method for real time Video Motion Detection Surveillance
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Sumita Mishra, Prabhat Mishra, Naresh K Chaudhary, Pallavi Asthana
Graphic User Interface, object tracking, Monitoring, Spying, Surveillance, video motion detection
This paper describes a comprehensive system for surveillance and monitoring applications. The development of an efficient real time video motion detection system is motivated by their potential for deployment in the areas where security is the main concern. The paper presents a platform for real time video motion detection and subsequent generation of an alarm condition as set by the parameters of the control system. The prototype consists of a mobile platform mounted with RF camera which provides continuous feedback of the environment. The received visual information is then analyzed by user for appropriate control action, thus enabling the user to operate the system from a remote location. The system is also equipped with the ability to process the image of an object and generate control signals which are automatically transmitted to the mobile platform to track the object.
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