Author:Shazia Sadiq

Shazia Sadiq

Computer Science and Software Engineering

Program of Masters & PhD in Computer Science
Faculty of Engineering
International Islamic University Islamabad



•••SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Security Model for RESTful Web Services

This research showed security model for RESTful application which is latest trend in development and also due to Smart devices usage is becoming popular day by day we need Model Architecture which are efficient and less in cost. During Research and development it is considered that this Security Model will be as light as REST architecture is where as effective enough to handle latest Security Issues. Federated Identity Management which is basic for Single Sign On (SSO) is also one of need in new security models. This Research introduced a Security Model for REST in which it would be able to Handle Federated Identity Management. JSON which is alternative for XML and also becoming popular in development due to easy to understand and human readability it is also important to make sure this new proposed model adopt new technologies for which during development JSON is used, which is in other word fat free version of XML. SAML is open source protocol but it is SOPA base, so our new RESTfull model base on SAML with desire changes according to REST Architecture and also in place of XML, JSON form Data Assertion Packet were sent. In this Research it was also tired that new model would be not having all those vulnerability and security threat which are associated with any HTTP model.


TITLE - SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) Security Model for RESTful Web Services
AUTHOR - Shazia Sadiq
••••••IJSER Edition - May 2018

UNIVERSITY - International Islamic University Islamabad
Prof Dr.Muhammad Sher