Author:Shahnaz Akhtar

Shahnaz Akhtar and Salma Parveen

Nursing faculty

Program of Masters in Post RN BSc (Nursing) to MSN
College of Nursing
Nishtar Medical University,


INTRODUCTION •••Knowledge and Skills of Community Midwives about Nutrition during Pregnancy: An Interventional Study Design

Objectives:Community midwives play a vital role in imparting knowledge regarding the nutritional requirements in pregnancy. Therefore, this study aimed at assessing the current knowledge of the community midwives of the area, identify gaps in the knowledge and skills, design an intervention and evaluate the effect of the intervention.Material and Method:In order to achieve this aim, an interventional study design was adapted. A sample of 25 community midwives was taken from the community midwives` population of District Multan, Punjab, Pakistan. A questionnaire was used to conduct a pre-intervention test. After this pretest, a two day intervention or training program was carried out involving all study subjects. The post tests were conducted at the end of the first day training after teaching sessions as well as the end of the second day`s training and teaching sessions. Thus, the data was taken at three points i.e. pre intervention, during intervention and post intervention.Results and Discussion:The means of test scores for pre and post tests were compared using different techniques and it was found that the intervention had statistically significant effect on the mean test scores. The effect size for the difference of means was also calculated and it was found that the effect size for the intervention was considerably large. The data was analyzed using a one way ANOVA with repeated measures and it was confirmed that the means of pre and post test scores differ significantly. The correlation analysis was also conducted to discover what other factors affected the difference in mean scores.Conclusion:Study revealed lack of knowledge and skill about nutrition during pregnancy among Community midwives. Moreover the pre and posttests confirmed that the intervention had significantly improved the knowledge and skills of the study subjects regarding nutritional requirements during pregnancy.


TITLE - Knowledge and Skills of Community Midwives about Nutrition during Pregnancy: An Interventional Study Design
AUTHOR - Shahnaz Akhtar
••••••IJSER Edition - September 2018

UNIVERSITY - Nishtar Medical University
Dr Tazeen Saeed Ali