Author:Salma Parveen

Salma Parveen and Shahnaz Akhtar

Health (nursing)

Program of Masters & PhD in women health
Faculty of Engineering
Nishtar Medical University Multan



•••Knowledge and Skills of Community Midwives regarding Family Planning

Abstract Community midwives play a vital role in disseminating knowledge and providing advice about different contraceptive techniques to the couples interested in family planning. This study was conducted to assess the current level of knowledge and skills of the community midwives in the locality of District Multan, Punjab, Pakistan and to improve their knowledge and skills by intervening with the study subjects. For this purpose, a sample of 25 community midwives was recruited to participate in this study. The study followed a quantitative approach and interventional design to assess whether the intervention had significant impact on the knowledge and skills of the study subjects. A close ended questionnaire was developed containing questions regarding the basics of family planning, prevailing contraceptive techniques, advantages and disadvantages of each technique and complications associated with some contraceptives. To start with, a pre test was administered with the study subjects and its results were recorded. The intervention was conducted consisting of teaching sessions, presentations, practice sessions and demonstrations for two days. A test was conducted during the intervention, at the end of the intervention activities of the first day and another test was administered immediately after the completion of intervention on the second day. The results of the tests were recorded. The analysis of data was done by comparing means through different statistical tests and it was found that the mean test scores of the participants in the pre-test significantly differed from the mean test-scores of tests conducted during and after the test. It was also found that skills of the study subjects were improved after going through the intervention.


TITLE - Knowledge and Skills of Community Midwives regarding Family Planning
AUTHOR - Salma Parveen
••••••IJSER Edition - September 2018

UNIVERSITY - Nishtar University Multan
Dr Tazeen Saeed Ali