Author:Frehiwot Gebrekrstos Girmay

Frehiwot Gebrekrstos Girmay

Computing Technology

Program of Masters & PhD in Information technology
Faculty of Engineering
Aksum University



•••Monitoring Child Immunization System in Ethiopia Through Android Application

Abstract This paper provides a new system model for delivering routine vaccination service in Ethiopia by incorporating the entire supporting infrastructure from vaccination suppliers to vaccination receivers. The model introduces ways of improving access, service quality, improving decision making for the administrative staff as well as CHWs’ motivation to complete children’s vaccination schedule. A system model design is provided together with graphical user interfaces for all agents in the new system. Vaccination service is not easily available and too often not reliable due to rural health facilities being far away and in poor condition with few health workers, and because of an unreliable vaccine supply system. So a geographically more centralized outreach program in direct connection to district vaccine stores could circumvent unreliable vaccine distribution channels and strengthen vaccine availability and quality. Community Health Workers, coordinated with help of ICT, can be used to encourage families to complete vaccination and inform them on upcoming vaccination outreach sessions. Qualitative analysis technique, with methods including structured, semi-structured, observations and literature studies was chosen to analyze and evaluate the current Ethiopian vaccination system. A DSRM in Design science was used to develop the proposed framework and ISO9241-110 usability metrics was used to evaluate the GUI of web based android mobile application. Keywords: Vaccination service delivery model, immunization, ICT, CHW, DSRM, DVS, VTC, CVS, HIS,IS,EPI,IPM,outreach


TITLE - Monitoring Child Immunization System in Ethiopia Through Android Application
AUTHOR - Frehiwot Gebrekrstos Girmay
••••••IJSER Edition - December 2018

UNIVERSITY - Aksum University
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