Author:Alhaji Modu Mustapha

Alhaji Modu Mustapha

Learning Technology and Education
United Kingdom

Program of Masters & PhD in Education
Faculty of Engineering
University of Nottingham
United Kingdom



•••Uptake of Interactive Whiteboard by Secondary School Teachers in a Nigerian Context

Abstract The use of educational technology device in teaching and learning has emerged over the years, in the Nigerian education system. Despite their affordances and usage in some of the secondary schools, many teachers find it difficult to integrate ICT related tools especially, Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in their classroom activities. The 21st century teachers teaching in the developing countries in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, face some challenges in the area of effective use of IWB in their classrooms. This study investigates the uptake of Interactive Whiteboard and examine the influences of teachers’ prior ICT experience as well as their perceptions on the use of IWB. This study employed qualitative research design with 7 teachers to ascertain the teachers’ perceptions and use of IWB in teaching through observation and interview techniques. The data collected was analyzed by using qualitative and quantitative (triangulation or mixed) methods of data analysis. Simple percentage was used for the quantitative findings while thematic based approached was applied for the qualitative data obtained. The finding revealed that teachers with prior ICT experience have positive perception towards the use of IWB in teaching. In addition, the prior ICT experience of the teachers seem to have influenced the use of IWB. Keywords: IWB, Prior ICT Experience, Teachers’ perception, Technology device


TITLE - Uptake of Interactive Whiteboard by Secondary School Teachers in a Nigerian Context
AUTHOR - Alhaji Modu Mustapha
••••••IJSER Edition - December 2018

UNIVERSITY - University of Nottingham
Charles Crook