Voice robot control using advanced fuzzy control techniques [ ]

Nowadays, mobile robots has a significant status in real life and industrial applications. A mathematical model of the Tricycle Mobile Robot (TMR) as a closed loop transfer function is introduced. A prototype of TMR with steering wheel was established. The current research presents different control techniques of TMR with auditory systems to further enhance humanĂ¢â‚¬“robot interaction. Controlling the velocity and azimuth angle of the TMR was discussed and examined by three methods. They are fuzzy logic controllers alone, fuzzy logic based on PID controller and Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) with the lookup table. All of each controller is examined with trapezoidal, triangular and Gaussian membership function, also compared with two inputs as unit step and unit sinusoidal input. The results show that the FIS with lookup table has the best output response and control signal at the sinusoidal input. Also, the minimum error signal occurs for FIS with lookup table with trapezoidal membership function at the unit step input.