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Theory of Infinite Dimensions & Parallel Universe

Vikrant Saxena

Amity School of Engineering, Amity University

Abstract- Theory of universe is an ultimate topic of debate since past centuries, its beginning, and existence and how it will going to end is remained a question, without any concrete evidence to prove it. Parallel universe is also a nice topic for brainstorming and its proof. I have deducted many innovative Ideas and concrete proofs to solve this problem and developed a satisfactory theory underlying the universe.

Keywords- unifying quantum & gravity, quantum Universe , Infinite dimensions, parallel universe, time and space constraints.

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For years Scientists and physicists are trying to unifying the quantum and gravity to determine an ultimate theory of the universe that suggest the beginning and end of it.
Through this paper ,I have tried to solve some the mysteries with my logics supported by principles and psychology perspective.
A lot of research has been done before to determine the structure of the Universe but yet we have no concrete model to describe it.
According to my model the Universe has got various levels,
at each level is defined under in its space and time constraints and living being perceive it within those constraints.
If we imagine ourselves at one of the level we have other universe at lower level that we observe as atoms, particles and quarks which forms a separate universe and exhibits the
properties of quantum physics, defined under 3D space with
Time for that level our level is completely unimaginable and out of reach as they can’t get out of their dimensions while the
level above our universe ,we are just as subatomic particles and exhibits the properties that of quantum physics and force to that we call it gravity.
At each level total energy is Zero and each lower level is at quantum level for next upper universe similarly we can’t get out or even imagine our next upper world, for them we are at quantum levels for their level quantum; atomic force is gravity for us. This implies space and time has boundary define under
visibility level.
Source: “Universe in nutshell”-,Stephen hawking
Each world is defined under three space dimensions (since two dimensions is not possible to support objects) [1].Plus
the time dimension responsible for occurrence of
events .i.e.Universe has its own space; it must have their relative time too.
We know that time actually appears to move slower near
massive objects (clock runs slow on earth surface than sky).because time space wrapped by the weight, which implies time appears to increase with large magnitude with going up each level of the universe and this is known by theory of relativity that time is not absolute it is relative).[1]
Example:-The events taking place in our world are just momentary in next upper world like we observe the excitation of electron from one energy level to other is 10-8.


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International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 2, Issue 2, February-2011 2

ISSN 2229-5518

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle suggested that by observing quantum matter we affect the behaviour of the matter interpreted by the Neils bohr ,he said that quantum levels don’t exist in one state or other state but all possible states at once and the sum of all possible states of quantum states called is wave function.(we can’t observe our self
as wave but next upper level can ).This implies that we are at quantum level our universe would have many possible states and wave function too so there exist different
parallel universe at each level (quantum states) within the
time constraints.
When a physicist measures the universe into two distinct
universes to accommodate each possible outcomes. This means if we ever find our self in situation where death is the possible outcome then in parallel universe, we are dead[3].

These parallel universes, set of all possible states that would triggered with some life changing event if defined as fifth dimension...that is parallel universe exists at each level of the universe with their respective relative time.
Since in quantum mechanics, each state is the possible universe. Dreams and thoughts shows that our unconscious mind is active and we imagine certain spaces (+time) what had happened and what would happen after, actually we
are thinking of the fifth dimension (one of the possible quantum state) i.e. we are mentally transact to the 5th dimension and fantast the space that really exists somewhere, if there are space there must be time associated with it. For example if we go on telling an imagine the some fake event or (just like brain wash of
man and make him think and imagine his own set of
realities) we actually believe and sure about that fact that it had really happened once.
I.e. figments of the imagination three are the parallel universe (both past and future) with all possible outcomes that we can imagine for certain events. (Déjà vu).

We are what we think all that we arise with our thoughts we make our world”.

A simple atom radiates an EMF .a molecule radiates much greater EMF, large molecules forms a cell which mind contain 200M such cells. These radiations, atomic waves include emotions and thoughts are be superimposed within the EMF frequencies. These vibrations are sent out of the physical worlds extending outwards.
A historian Arther Koestler refer that this capacity of the human psyche to act as a “cosmic resonator”.
It has also been determined by the encephalograph that all reasoning process are actual waveform transmission. Additionally wave function of the brain is not completely random and seems to have a phase difference.
Thoughts and feelings manifest itself into reality, quantum
physics even suggest that by redirecting our focus and our attention we can bring a course of events in action[5].
I conclude my paper as our gravity is just a weak quantum force for next upper world with each world having 4 observable dimensions (three space and time(relative to each worlds)) and set of all realities(quantum states ) we call it as parallel worlds underlining the 5th dimensions. Each worlds having own space and time constraints i.e. set of small particles, atoms, quantum force gravity for our below level) forms the small universe for just lower level for our universe.

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