The Implication of the Distribution, Species Diversity and Relative Abundance of Zooplankton in Wasai Reservoir Kano State Nigeria [ ]

Studies on the distribution, species diversity and relative abundance of zooplankton in Wasai reservoir was undertaken from December 2005-February 2006. Variations in Physico-chemical parameters were also estimated. Highest temperature and transparency recorded were 23°C and 0.34m respectively. The pH ranged between 8.6 - 7.6. Highest and lowest range in Dissolved Oxygen and Biochemical Oxygen Demand were 4.7 mg/L and 3.6mg/L and 2.7mg/L and 2.0mg/L . Chemical concentration of Phosphates was between 0.78mg/L to 0.32mg/L. Nitrate was 0.017mg/L to 0.32mg/L while nitrite was 0.400mg/L to 0.00mg/L as the highest and the lowest concentrations recorded during the study. Distribution and relative abundance of zooplankton was found to be in the order Protozoa, Rotifer, Cladocera and Copepoda with Arcella spp, Amoeba proteus and Actinophrys spp, as the Zooplankton species identified which had the highest counts. Correlation analysis between zooplanktons distribution and abundance and physico-chemical parameters revealed a weak positive relationship (P<0.05) and in respect of the chemical factors revealed strong positive relationship (P<0.05) the study showed that the river is not polluted and could serve as a good breeding site for production of fishes in large quantity for economic growth of the community.