The Impact and Challenges of M- Commerce Adoption on Vijayapur city in Karnataka state INDIA (using online Grocery stores app) [ ]

This study investigates the impact and challenges of the adoption of M-Commerence by Vijapur city in the Karnataka State. A sample size of 50 Local Kirana Store(Grocery), 25 Customers(male) and 25 Customers(female) aged between 20 to 45 were selected in each Street(area) using stratified sampling techniques with the aid of well-structured questionnaires. Googleforms was used to capture the data while frequency and percentage distributions were used to analyze it. In all, 1, 000 copies of the questionnaire were administered to the ten (10) Street area in the different part of Vijayapur city while 890 copies were returned which represents a respondent rate of 89.1%. The result of the findings revealed that the adoption of M- Commerce has a significant impact on cost effectiveness, enhanced availability, low environmental impact, reduced IT complexities, mobility, scalability, increased operability and reduced investment in physical asset However, the major challenges confronting the adoption of M-commerce are data insecurity of Mobile Payments, lack of awareness of online transaction, lack of development of local m-commerce localization apps,even lots of customers spending money on transactions that are somehow related to their mobile devices. This paper concludes by recommending strategies to manage the identified challenges in the study area.