Sequencing and Amplification of Chitinase Gene From Entomopathogenic Fungi Beauveria bassiana 6291 [ ]

The need for new and useful compounds to provide help and respite in all aspects of the human life is always growing. It has been well familiar that some plant pathogenic fungi can be developed as inundative biological control agents to kill or inhibit the activity of some insects which cause a large destruction in the crop fields and in forest vegetation. Today, scientist worked on a number of fungi for making it as a myco-insecticide because some fungi contain chitinase genes which degrade the outer hard cuticle of the insect pest. Beauvaria bassiana is one of the fungi which is widely used in insect-pest control in forest as well as in crop fields. In the present study, DNA of Beauvaria bassiana were extracted and amplified by PCR using designed primer from GeneRunner software for isolation of Bbchit1 gene. Bbchit1 gene showed significant similarities with Cordyceps sp., Metarhizium , Trichoderma with endochitinase, chitinase and chit gene. The sequencing of the gene was done and subjected to ClustalX for alignment to detect conserved region and a phylogenetic tree was also generated. These results may be useful in characterizing the evolutionary mechanism of the species. The pathogenecity of the fungi was also detected against insect larvae of Helicoverpa armigera on the basis of time and temperature. This study will facilitate the identification of virulence genes and the development of improved bio-control strains with customized properties.