Security of Data in Machine-to-Machine Communication [ ]

Security of data is one of the most important issues in today’s high-speed and extremely complex environment. There are several issues occurred in web environment related to data security i.e. bugs in Web pages, wrong data in Web sites, fraud in card payment system and unauthorized updating in e-mail data and other important data in Web application. Web applications are very useful and an important distributed system which is depending on both client-side and server-side mechanisms. Web applications are used to provide end users in which client access the server’s functionality with a set of Web pages. Some attacks are identified in Web applications are cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cookie theft, session hiding, browser hijacking, and the self-propagating worms in Web-based email and social networking sites. These are the common vulnerabilities which affect the data security. This is the representation for Machine-to-Machine communication system, tries to makes contributions i.e. to create an environment where data is securely sent from one machine to another machine and can be used to help Security Improvement in Web Engineering.