Raw Silk Processing to Textile Fibre and Comparative Analysis between Acid and Reactive Dyed Samples of Silk Fabric by Laboratory Experiment [ ]

Silk fibre is one of the important and demanded textile fibre in the sector of textile fabric and garments manufacturing. In the industrial sector the coloration of silk fabric is done by acid dyes. In this paper, laboratory experiments were done for coloration of silk fabric. For coloration two different dyes, acid dye (Nylosan Orange NRL) and reactive dye (Lanasol Orange RG) have been used with their Different recipe, separately applied on different samples but with same properties of silk fabrics. Different tests like wash fastness, rubbing fastness, perspiration test, tensile strength and elongation were conducted on the dyed samples and comparison was made among all the results from Acid dyed and Reactive dyed samples. Getting better wash fastness, better absorbency and other positive test results for reactive dyes leads to the conclusion, that dyeing of silk with reactive dye has a great prospect in textile coloration.