RADAR Scan Pattern synthesis and implementation on FPGA [ ]

This paper presents an active and challenging areas of research in the field of Electronic Warfare(EW) and Pattern Recognition.Electronic intelligence (ELINT) is the result of observing the signals transmitted by radar systems to obtain information about their capabilities: it is the remote sensing of remote sensors. ELINT also provides information about defensive systems, which is important in maintaining a credible deterrent force to penetrate those defenses. In this context estimation of the of radar Antenna Scan Period (ASP) and recognition of the Antenna Scan Type(AST) is important measure in analyzing level of threat from the radar. Usually estimation of radar ASP and recognition of the AST is performed by human operators in the EW world. In this paper a algorithm is synthesized for radar scan pattern. The characteristic parameters of antenna scanning includes AST, ASP with other such parameters like Radio frequency (RF),Pulse Width(PW),PulseAmplitude(PA),Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI),Direction Of Arrival (DOA) and The classification different scan types such as circular scan, sector scan, helical scan, raster scan, conical scan is done using features extracted from the generated antenna scan patterns. Classification of the Angle Of Arrival (AOA).AST’s is done using both parametric and non parametric techniques of the pattern recognition synthesized in MATLAB. AST of radar is found using four unique features of antenna scanning such as azimuth angle, elevation angle, degree of rotation and number of elevation bars. The verilog code for the recognition of antenna scan type is simulated in Xlinx ISE 14.3 and implemented on the Spartan 3 FPGA.