Prospects and Problems in Implementation of Mobile Information System in Panchayat Raj [ ]

The Panchayat Raj System is backbone of Indian governance to reach up to villages and to have an active participation of citizens in governance. The Panchayat Raj Institutions in India started functioning manually. As per 13th Vitta Aayog, the computer system and necessary setup are provided in every Gram Panchayat. Still the problems of availability of electricity, power backup, internet connectivity, training etc. are to be faced. The implementation of Mobile Information System in Panchayat Raj will facilitate citizens for easy and fast accessing of documents and information. This will save the time and money spend to visit office at taluka & District levels from villages. Mobile Information System will also facilitate employees for easy & fast working without affecting their geographical location. It will reduce the budget of government by reducing the cost of Computer Hardware & Software, Infrastructure setup, Electricity and Maintenance. It will provide portability, reduce the time lags of office works and will bring transparency in the process. However it is a challenge to implement Mobile Information System in Dhule district, hence a study is done to find out the prospectus and problems in implementation.