Portable and Personal Independent Digital Health Monitoring System Based on Android OS [ ]

In this paper we are attempting to reproduce the ECG, Pulse rate and the Body temperature signals that we observe individually on the monitor screen of the hospitals on an Android device collectively. The signals are transmitted from a data acquisition system in real time to the Android device via Bluetooth. The system is compatible with the Android app that has been designed and developed and is much more precise as compared to the other available apps. The system is capable of handling numerous Android devices and distributes the collected data for diagnostic purpose and evaluation taking into consideration the architecture of Android OS. The system has three switches which can be turned on or off to view the parameters on the Android screen. It has its own power source and as such can be used for a longer duration of time. Also the app that has developed is easy to understand and as such can be used by anyone who possess a Smartphone thereby turning it into a virtual health monitoring system.