Performance of Proportional Directional Flow Control Valve in Rotational Hydraulic Movement [ ]

Fluid power control system is the technology that deals with the generation, control and transmission of forces, movement of mechanical element or system with the use of pressurized fluids in a confident system. This paper concentrates on static and dynamic performance of a rotational movement of hydraulic system under different operating conditions with connecting a proportional directional flow control valve (PDFCV). High technology is used for measuring and recording the experimental results which achieves accurate evaluations. Experiments have been conducted in case of no-load, 2003, 3093 and 4128 N load values. The performance under minimum and maximum loads is only reported. Supply pressure has been changed from 10 up to 50 bar. The effect of variation of pressure, load and flow rate values on the performance of the hydraulic system has been studied. It is concluded that increasing the load decreases the flow rate and speed of hydraulic motor, but increases the torque. In addition, increasing the supply pressure increases the flow rate.