Performance Evaluation of Proactive and Reactive routing Protocol in MANET at Distinct Hardware Platform using NS2 [ ]

With the evolution of modern technology, wireless network has change the style of communication. It has become the most convenient way for common people to communicate. Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is considered as a subset of wireless network that does not contain the centralized administration. Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of randomly distributed node and communicates with each other using radio waves without any defined infrastructure. Many researchers have proposed several efficient routing protocols for MANET with defined software specification. This paper analyses the performance of Proactive (DSDV) routing protocol and Reactive (AODV) routing protocol on different hardware specification. We evaluate the performance of AODV and DSDV routing protocol with different processor, i.e. core 2duo and core i3 by using random way point mobility model on NS-2. We examine the performance of these protocols on different processors in terms of Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR) and end-to-end delay.