Planck's Quantum Hypothesis and Concept of Mass from Special Relativity [ ]

It is established that special relativity and quantum mechanics are two very wide apart theories of measurements in modern physics in terms of determinism versus indeterminism. Modern physics accepts indeterminism against classical determinism. But it is remarkable that Einstein's special relativity in its present form alone contains the basic ingredients of quantum theory. Einstein's theory can give a simple theoretical proof of the Planck's quantum hypothesis and can explain the origin of mass out of zero rest mass of photon. This article at the first place shows how to proceed in this path from relativistic energy momentum relations and at the second place it shows the reason of energy and momentum indeterminacy from the framework of relativity. At the last phase the article puts a question on the sustainability of special relativity itself before oscillation of any kind. This paper deals with the matter to the extent special relativity containing quantum theory.