Optimization for Microstrip Antenna using Split Ring Resonator and Thin Wire Metamaterial [ ]

Extensive use of Microstrip antenna motivates researchers for its optimization. May techniques are there for antenna optimization which results up to 30% reduction in patch dimensions. Today’s world of minituration needs more optimizations for effective utilization of patch antenna. The paper proposed technique for optimization of microstrip antenna using Split Ring Resonator and Thin Wire Metamaterials. This Metamaterial structure gives negative refractive index at their plasma frequency. The frequency of optimization for microstrip antenna is same as that of plasma frequency of metamaterial structure. Simulation of Unit Cell for Metamaterial gives S-parameters for the same. Parameter extraction from those S-parameters gives operating range of frequency. When patch antenna is loaded with Metamaterial structure negative permeability and negative permittivity enhances antenna parameters. This results in optimized patch dimension and similar antenna performance. Approximately 44 % reduction at frequency 5.2 GHz and 4.7 GHz had been observed. The proposed technique results in almost 6 dB of gain over a impedance band over 200 MHz at frequency 5.2 GHz and 4.7 GHz. Limitation of the suggested technique is that it operates over a limited band of frequencies.