Modified IDS-AODV for prevention of black hole attacks in MANIT [ ]

Mobile ad hoc network is a self-configuring and decentralizing network which is proficient to structure network dynamically. Due to its dynamic behavior and lack of central authority security becomes the challenging task for this network. In this most of the nodes can get compromised from various types of threats such as worm hole, black hole and denial of service. Black hole attack is a serious threat which inject false route over the network by broadcasting itself as a shortest route. In this work, we use the light-weight versions of symmetric encryption protocols PRESENT and HIGHT because the goal is to provide better security by minimizing the number of computations used for encryption so as to reduce the energy consumption. The simulation of our proposed mechanism is performed in NS-2.34 network simulator and the analysis of proposed mechanism is done using performance measuring metrics like PDR, Throughput, Routing load and End-to End delay. The experimental results of our work outperforms than the other ones.