Learning Styles for Students [ ]

“Have you ever noticed how several people can witness the same event, interpret it differently, and take wide – ranging actions as a result?” This quotation illustrates how different children respond to the same stimuli. Some reactions are based on learned behavior and biological potential. This combination of biology (heredity) and other circumstances, mainly environmental ones which are caused by the social position of a family, produces various ways that people prefer when they learn. Since I have been teaching for several years I have met many different classes, students, parents and colleagues. Every new college year new students come and it takes some time to get used to each other till we can start to work. But during a few last years I felt that it is not only the matter of getting used to each other but that there is a need for finding out what is good and effective for both sides, for students and for me as a teacher. More precisely, it is not enough to know each student in the class, its personality, abilities and knowledge. As more and more students have difficulties with learning, there is a need to identify their “learning style”. teaching process. Amazingly problems helped me but the strongest point was my own failure. I attended a seminar about the second language acquisition and during this seminar we were asked to learn some new words in Eskimo language. The first task was only listening to these words and I was in an absolutely awkward situation. It was very difficult for me and I was lost and stressed during this task. Then I realized that I need visual support for my learning. But more important thing was that I realized that it could be the same and sometimes worse for my students when they have to clear something in a way that does not suit them.