Glass ceiling: a perspective of women working in Karachi [ ]

In this 21st century the concept of glass ceiling follow in many organizations. We can say that there is an improvement not cut from the root. There are so many women are who are very talented, expressive, more cooperative, more foster, critical analyzer, stress manager as compare to men but unfortunately no able prove themselves because of this concept. This is also happening when women’s have no support from their friends and family.The main reason of this research is find out why this is happening still in this 21st century. Although peoples of this era are more educated and board minded but somewhere this concept is follow by their selves. In this period because of high inflation rate it is not possible that one man can full the stomach of six to seven peoples of their family members. It is time of full participation from the side of women. So this is clear from the result that still in this 21st century the concept of gender discrimination is follow by many organization and the social norms which greatly affects the women’s skill and talent.The independent variables of this research include; gender discrimination, social norms, family influence and the dependent variables are: education, skills and success.