Engineering and Establishing the Secure System of Online Examination within Multi-Campus Environment using Sensor Network Technology [ ]

Majority of the present days examinations are online examinations including the university examinations or any recruitment process, the online examinations are economic, faster & reliable. WSN Technology is being deployed across the globe for various operations, but in this paper we propose the use of Sensor Networks in administrating the online examination. A virtual machine operating through server monitors all the client nodes either in its network. In this paper, a simple system is proposed that provides security for improvement of on-line examination using sensor nodes and various other IT tools & techniques including biometric authentication, firewalls, cryptography, network protocols etc. A framework is also given for conducting online examination. The proposed system assures a secure cryptographic communication individually or within a group with pre-assigned static IP addresses to the group clients. It is mainly ensured that online examination must not get altered, disturbed or compromised in anyway. In this system, with unique static IP addresses, every candidate will use his username & one time password provided by the server via the exam superintend at the time of examination. In remote cases, OTP can be sent via SMS. The examination roll no’s will act as candidate usernames. As the student logs in with correct username & OTP, his all details along with particular machine IP are mapped into a log file in the respective server. The encrypted answer file will not be submitted until its particular log file containing candidate’s username & machine IP address is not matched & submitted first. The entire node to node and practical supervision will be done by self organized sensor nodes.