Effective Prediction of Mobile Radio Pathloss in Warri City Clutter of Nigeria [ ]

The basic task of radio link design requires the operator to foresee the coverage of the proposed system based on the impact of the clutter. This work is aimed at obtaining a suitable path-loss prediction model for the city of Warri by comparing the COST -231 Walfish Ikegami Model (WIM,) Hata Model, CCIR Model and the Free Space Model. Measurement of Received Signal Level (RSL) was conducted in three locations (Enheren, Refinery road, and Okwokuku) representing Urban, Suburban and Rural terrains respectively. The measurement of RSL was carried using Tecno handset with net monitor software running in it while Germin GPS was used for the propagation path-length. The path-loss from field data and that from existing models were analysed and compared using MATLAB (7.5). The result of the analysis showed that the Walfish Ikagami Model (WIMNLOS) gave a very close correlation with the measured path-loss in the three locations considered and therefore is preferred to other prediction models in the city of Warri.