Effect of Soda lime Silica Glass waste on the basic properties of Clay Aggregate [ ]

To minimize the dead load problem of high rise building it is mandatory to improve the basic properties of coarse aggregate used in structural concrete. Light expanded clay aggregate (LECA) can be the best alternative of traditional coarse aggregate because it has reduced weight and lower bulk density. The aim of this project is to improve the basic properties of light expanded clay aggregate by partial replacement of clay with soda lime silica glass sintering at high temperature. Different ratios of glass waste like 20%, 35% and 50% soda lime silica glass were incorporated respectively with clay. The sintering temperature for LECA was maintained 850ºC, 950ºC, 1050ºC and observed that the basic properties of LECA like bulk density, porosity, water absorption, compressive strength have been improved. XRD is performed to observe the phase characteristics of LECA.