Effect Of Material Properties On Fatigue Behavior Of Fiber Reinforced Self Compacting Concrete Beam [ ]

Concrete structure Strengthening by using Carbon Nano tube , steel fiber and dust of cement addition that material to the design mix , are become an increasingly accepted method in structural engineering applications, especially for concrete members subjected to repeated load such as bridge girders. This research investigates the behavior of eight self-compacted reinforced concrete beams under monotonic loads. All beams have (150mm) width, (250mm) height and (1650 mm) length . that have two beam design mix ( that the reference beam ) and the other beam ( 6 beams ) we have the mix design and addition that one’s of material ( carbon Nano tube , steel fiber and dust of cement ).Two Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) mixtures are used in this study . The mixtures are designed using different material proportions to evaluate two different compressive strength (79) and (32) MPa, which is considered as a variable in present study. The results of the Practical program displayed that the beam have steel fiber reinforced strengthening increase the flexural resistance of the strengthened beam subjected to monotonic loads by repeated load tests, the number of cycles up to failure increase by (36.8%) for normal concrete and (70.7%) for high strength