Design of Universal Test Rig and Virtual Experimentation of Hydraulic Circuit for Testing of Line Replacement Units [ ]

The proposed test rig is meant for testing of hydraulic elements used in aircraft except pump & actuators. It is used to check the performance of the hydraulic elements for pre-installation check before mounting on the aircraft. Line replacement units used in the light combat aircraft have important role to transfer pressure energy and fluid from pump to actuators. These units are used in the functioning of the flight control system and the main pump of aircraft. These are electrically operated hydraulic elements, hydraulic valves and landing gear accessories. The hydraulic pressure in the hydraulic circuit is built by the hydraulic pump, and that pressure is distributed along the pressure line with control system like line replacement units. The test rig design involved design of hydraulic circuit, selection of hydraulic elements, design of test rig which include mechanical items like test bed test stand, test chamber & hydraulic elements mounting bracket etc. The test rig will be capable of testing the various hydraulic elements on distinguish pressure and flow. There is facility to test electrically operated hydraulic elements by actuating them by means of electrical supply. It will have additional power pack which will provide hydraulic power and required work input in terms of pressure and rated flow. Also analysis is conducted on automation studio for every hydraulic circuit for pre installation check. Results have been compared with the manually calculate pressure losses and the results are presented. There is only 5-10% variation in virtual result in compare to analytically calculated results.