Design and Fabrication of LV Sag/Swell Generator for CBEMA/ITI Compliance Testing [ ]

Voltage sag and swell is generated during fault on power system, which trips sensitive equipment. Solar PV and wind turbines voltage changes due to changing of solar radiation and wind velocity respectively. Equipments used in control circuitry can cause to trip or miss-operate. The equipment sensitivity depends on voltage magnitude and duration. This paper presents the designed low voltage sags and swell generator (LVSSG) is used in laboratory to generate power quality problems to evaluate the control equipments sensitivity and to verify CBEMA/ITI/SEMI curves. Voltage sags and swell generator is microcontroller based low cost and portable test equipment. The voltage is controlled through AC chopper from 0 p.u to 1.8 p.u. The normal voltage of sag and swell generator is 1 p.u or 220VAC.